Cellulose Solutions was incorporated in 2001 with a mission

“To Develop and Service Innovative Chemical Products that Provide Significant Economic Return and Quality Improvement for our Customers”
  • We are a team of experienced and industry specialized professionals with in-depth understanding of product chemistries and applications
  • We develop new products or process modifications to provide a differentiated value proposition to our customers.

  • We focus on strategic market dynamics and competitive factors to provide a tailored solutions that fit requirements.

  • Our ethics and confidentiality has built the long-term partnership with our customers.

Cellulose Solutions journey in the Pulp and Paper Industry started with a goal to provide the fluff pulp and tissue industries with the very best softeners and debonders available. Cellulose Solutions chose not to produce “me too” copies of competitive products available in market but developed new technology that complied with FDA and BfR listed standards. In 2003, we developed a debonder, softener, antistat package that contained truly FDA “listed” components with raw material sources completely devoid of “animal” or tallow components.

Cellulose Solutions formulated new technology based on customer requests for products with the following unique benefits:

  • Actual FDA 176.170 and 176.180 and BfR “listed” components. CS was the first company to do this in 2003.
  • Animal free components. No tallow containing components. CS was first company to do this in 2003.
  • Non-skin irritant formulas verified by independent lab skin insult repeat patch tests.
  • Formulas with components that are REACH compliant

  • Formulas that have been approved by Halaal, The Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America.

CS develops exclusive customized formulations with the above benefits based on the customer needs and machine capabilities offering below properties for fluff Pulp.

  • Decreased internal bond strength
  • Improved fiberization, reduced knits
  • Reduced energy requirement
  • Minimized impact on absorbency
  • Improved softness and hand feel
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