We offer custom formulated debonders to meet the ever-tightening demands of the absorbent core and personal care industry for products such as diapers, feminine hygiene products.

Fluff pulp debonders offers:

  • Effective debonding – Ability to Reduce Mullen/Burst to Customer Specification. The semi-treated and fully treated fluff pulp Mullen/Burst values are approximately 20-30% and 35-45%lower than the untreated or control mullen.
  • Improved dry defiberization of fluff pulp: Fully-treated fluff pulp will result in the lowest defibrization energy, while the untreated pulps will be found to have the highest deberization energy of the three fluff pulps
  • Absorbency – Ability to provide minimal negative impact on absorbency
  • Affinity for Fiber – Prompt attraction to the fibers
  • Highly substantive – Fastness to stay bonded to the fibers
  • Effective at low concentrations
  • Easy to handling – liquid formulation that be easily metered to the process
  • FDA Approval – Approval under 21 CFR 176.170 and 176.180
  • Non-irritating
  • Low VOC Content
  • Cost effective performance
  • Animal Free, Non-Tallow
  • FDA Approved, Components listed under 21 CFR 176.170-176-180
  • BfR Approved,
  • REACH Registered
  • Approved for Swaan Nordic Ecolabel applications
  • Halal approved by the Islamic Council
C.S will work with you to optimize dosage to match your furnished and end need requirements.

‘New Generation’ Antistatic Agents

  • Unique anionic trash controller and antistatic control agent for fluff pulp applications
  • Specially designed FDA approved low molecular weight, highly charged cationic polymer more effective than the conventional polyamines and other cationic promoters.
  • Minimizes size and count of sheet defects with minimal breakages
  • Promotes efficient use of cationic additives,
  • Manufactured in accordance with 21 CFR 176.170/180 and is BfR Recommendation 36 approved.
The product is fed with warm dilution into the thick stock. C.S will work with you to determine best addition point for your process prior to application start up.
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