Tissue Softeners – Wet End and Spray applications.

  • A softer, smoother feel (“hand”)
  • Excellent moisture management
  • Non -yellowing,
  • Increase in bulk
  • Can be used in combination with cationic softener and silicone to improve hydrophilicity while maintaining the softness properties
  • Reduced coefficient of friction resulting in a “slicker” less abrasive feel
  • Good absorbency
  • Good biodegradability, lower COD

Our unique softener formulation are used in wet end tissue manufacturing and tissue converting surface applications depending on desired properties

  • Wet end cationic Softeners are added to Pulp Slurry in stock chest or head-box.
  • Softeners can also be applied to wet-web or transfer felt, between Forming & Drying via spray or off-set.
  • Softener Lotions ( Organic or Silicone) to be applied before the final slitting & packaging by
    • Spray – Air pressure, Spin-on rotor
    • Roll Coating – Off-set Gravure, Kiss coating

Wet and Dry Strength Resins

Wet strength resins are specially designed to be suited to neutral and alkaline paper making conditions

  • High efficiency at lower dosage
  • Improves wet strength substantially
  • Does not affect dry strength
  • Excellent stability at wide range of pH
  • Stable to acidic or alkaline medium
  • Free from Formaldehyde

Used in Tissue, Bank Security Notes, Specialty Industrial Paper, Kitchen Paper, Filter Paper

Yankee – Release and Adhesive Coatings

Tissue and towels are generally “creped” as they exit the Yankee. Creping quality is dependent on the adhesion and release properties of the tissue or towel which is affected by the coating on the dryer surface.

  • Improved Sheet quality  such as stretch, bulk and softness properties of the tissue and Towel .
  • Reduce chattering, reduced doctor blade changes.

Adhesives and releases are applied in unique balance to the yankee dryer surface

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